Custom Design & Innovation

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We are always looking towards the future to improve our product and maintain our place as one of the leading respiratory companies in the world.

Through our dedicated product innovation team, we are continuously looking to expand the Focus Air range to satisfy new industry demands and tackle future problems.

Our latest project includes the FA200 – a chemical and gas respiratory unit and the FA300 – a lightweight medical respirator for the healthcare industry.

Custom Design

Looking for something unique? Subject to minimum quantities, the Focus Air range can be customized with your company logo, house colors, or individual casing.

You can either provide your design or allow our designers to come up with something completely unique for you.

For more details about pricing, minimum quantities and artwork, please get in touch.

FA300 – Medical Respirator

  • TH3 pass ready
  • Particle or gas filtration options
  • Light weight and compact
  • Up to 3 filter/canister capability

FA200 – Gas and Chemical Filtration

  • Multiple head tops for versatile usage across a range of industries
  • TH3 pass ready
  • 10+ battery life

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