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FA100 – Focus Air Advanced PAPR

The FA100 is an advanced lightweight Powered Air Purifying Respirator which provides optimum safety and comfort.

The unit is fully CE certified to EN 12941 – 1988/A2 2008 TH3 which is the highest level in the industry. The FA100 is a perfect companion to the Tyvek Hood for Medical use or the Focus RX series welding helmet.

Each complete set of the Focus Air PAPR system contains:

  1. RX welding helmet or Tyvek Hood – Choose between our RX1 or RX4 large view helmets and a range of standard and True Colour ADFs
  2. Carry bag – Made to last from high-quality nylon ballistic our carry bag also has shoulder straps for easy transportation between jobs.
  3. Shoulder harness and waist belt – with the 1kg weight evenly distributed across your body you will forget you are wearing the PAPR.
  4. Focus Air PAPR – The main unit includes one P3 HEPA filter inside.
  5. Flame retardant hose – choose between stretch or regular hose.
  6. Spare P3 Hepa filter – highest protection P3 HEPA filter included with each complete set.
  7. 3 spare pre-activated carbon filters and spark arrestors – helping to combat bad fumes and improve the lifespan of your main HEPA filters.
  8. Multi adaptor battery charger – charge your PAPR wherever you are in the world.

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